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Respiratory Therapists

Douglas Ferguson

Douglas Ferguson – Registered Respiratory Therapist
Joined the Team: 1985
Doug credits AirLink for giving him a new life in the healthcare field. While he’s been an RT for nearly 36 years, he started flying back in the Air Life days in 1985 and loves the autonomy of aero-medicine. Doug went to school in Chico, CA, and has immediate family that still lives there. Being able to help others in a time of need, personally or professionally, is very gratifying to him. When he’s not on a mission, Doug enjoys photography and almost every aspect of recreation in Central Oregon, including skiing, tennis, golf and fishing.

Chris Fitton

Chris Fitton – Registered Respiratory Therapist
Joined the Team: 2002
Chris moved to Bend during the last two years of Vern Bartley’s direction at Air Life and loves that the team is still the family it always was: They care as deeply for each other as they do their patients. Chris started as a ski patrolman in California and then trained and worked for 10 years as an EMT while attending school. He’s been involved in respiratory care for 16 years and is proud to provide excellent patient care in his missions with AirLink. Married to Alison, he’s got an eight-year-old daughter who likes to join him in skiing and training for Tae Kwon Do (both are halfway toward receiving their black belts).

Denny Garcia

Denny Garcia – Registered Respiratory Therapist
Joined the Team: 2004
Denny has been working as a respiratory care practitioner since 1999 and as a flight RT since 2001. He started his career on the NICU transport team in Reno, NV, and says he fell in love with air medical transport on his first day. He’s thrilled to positively impact others’ lives in his profession, and this drives him to be the very best at his work. He’s also excited by the changes in AirLink to better serve the community and has tremendous appreciation for his clinicians’ training and teamwork. When he’s not flying, Denny spends time coaching his son’s soccer team and is involved with Parks and Rec in Redmond.

Ray Grimes

Ray Grimes – Registered Respiratory Therapist
Joined the Team: 2006
Ray became an RT in 1991 and started working for the San Jose Medical Center upon graduation. As a level one trauma center, SJMC offered Ray the opportunity to learn exceptional skills that transferred well to his emergency work with AirLink. He moved to Bend with his wife and two daughters in 2003 and is thrilled to be working with the AirLink team. He appreciates the organization’s dedication to its patients and credits regular “out-of-the-box” thinking to best care for individuals in dire medical need. When he’s not working, Ray enjoys spending time with his daughters, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, tennis and hanging out with his dog, Cally.

Jason Halsey

Jason Halsey – Registered Respiratory Therapist and Clinical Base Lead
Joined the Team: 2006
Born and raised in Prineville until 2000, Jason and his wife moved to Gresham so he could go to school for respiratory therapy. He worked briefly at OHSU-Doernbecher Children’s Hospital prior to joining St. Charles – Bend in 2004 and AirLink in 2006. He appreciates working with patients during a very challenging time and being able to contribute to their care, believing he has a chance to make a big impact in a short period of time. He’s enjoys his work and is thrilled by the support of the program’s management and where the organization is headed. Jason loves involving his family (including two children) in mountain biking, golf and more.

Michele Moore

Michele Moore – Registered Respiratory Therapist
Joined the Team: 1997
Michele grew up on the Agency plains, north of Madras, and, ironically, was born at St. Charles – Bend where she now works with AirLink. While also having lived in Prineville and Sisters, she claims a strong affinity to the Confederated Tribes and to Madras, home of the White Buffalos. But she especially has a heart for providing respiratory care to those facing a medical crisis and believes that being present with and caring for these struggling individuals is her calling. As an Oregon EMT-P, registered respiratory therapist and long-term AirLink veteran, she’s proud to be a part of what she calls an “amazing organization” that takes great care of its local citizens.

Karl Reimers

Karl Reimers – Registered Respiratory Therapist
Joined the Team: 2009
Prior to getting into healthcare, Karl spent several years working for Boeing, manufacturing primarily commercial aircraft, so he brings both mechanical and medical expertise. He worked at Legacy Emanuel/Portland, transporting children as part of the neonatal/pediatric specialty team and also worked in their trauma and burn centers as well. He loves getting people the medical help they need, and believes AirLink’s commitment to serving its communities with quality care has only deepened in recent years. Karl also teaches certified pediatric advanced life support classes through the hospital training center. Married with three grown daughters, he enjoys a myriad of outdoor activities and volunteers at many local events.

Doug Vandenborn

Doug Vandenborn – Registered Respiratory Therapist
Joined the Team: 2010
Doug, his wife Natalie, son Jesse and daughter Taylor have lived in Central Oregon since 2007. He brings over a decade of transport experience, specializing in neonatal and pediatric care, and particularly enjoys critical care transport and the patients he gets to meet and help throughout the region. He calls his work challenging and satisfying, and appreciates both the cohesiveness and autonomy of being a member of the AirLink team. In his spare time, Doug enjoys teaching and serves as a volunteer coach for youth soccer. He and his family enjoy all types of recreation, especially hiking, mountain biking and camping.

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