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Critical Care Nurses

Kathy Dyck

Kathy Dyck – Flight Nurse and Clinical Base Lead
Joined the Team: 2000-2007; 2009-current
Citing the amazing depth of clinician knowledge and experience the AirLink team exudes, Kathy has a lot of pride for the organization she works for and claims she’s never been as challenged by any other position: Kathy loves the ever-changing, autonomous environment and feels blessed to be a part of a team that’s caring for someone’s child, spouse, parent, sibling or friend. As a nurse with 22 years of experience, she appreciates being in an environment that elevates continued learning. Married with four children, Kathy lives in Redmond and participates in crossfit when she’s not coordinating her kids’ many activities.

Linda Gregory

Linda Gregory – Flight Nurse
Joined the Team: 2001
As an RN with 37 years of experience, Linda first flew with Air Life and has continued on with AirLink. Her background in emergency and critical care medicine offer a perfect fit with air medical transport. While she loves nursing for many reasons, she especially enjoys her work with AirLink for being patient-centered and team-focused. Mostly, though, she’s excited by the fact that there’s no “routine” day—each flight offers a different challenge and adventure.

Nicolas Hall

Nicolas Hall – Flight Nurse
Joined the Team: 2012
Nicolas says that joining the AirLink team has been a dream come true. Having worked as an EMT and nurse throughout the state, he’s earned myriad degrees and certifications (RN, BSN, CFRN, CEN and EMT). Nicolas appreciates being able to work with the best people in the industry to change a life in a positive way, and believes the medical excellence at AirLink is second to none. As an Oregon native, he recently moved with his family to Bend and enjoys rafting, mountain biking, fly fishing and back country skiing. He’s also a volunteer board member with Wilderness International, helping to restore natural habitat in the Northwest.

Deidre Heinrich

Deidre Heinrich – Flight Nurse
Joined the Team: 1996
Initially working as a nurse in a bone marrow transplant unit, Deidre returned to school, earned an FNP and worked on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Within a few years, she decided to move to Oregon to work as an ER/ICU nurse and was eventually hired by Air Life as a flight nurse. She’s humbled to be associated with a stellar team of professionals, communication specialists, administrators and clinicians who are dedicated to providing premier care to critically ill or injured patients. In addition to her work at AirLink and myriad volunteer opportunities, she works in the neonatal ICU at St. Charles – Bend and spends leisure time enjoying friends and family.

Kathleen Hodges

Kathleen Hodges – Flight Nurse
Joined the Team: 2002
Kathleen brings RN, CFRN and CEN training to her work with AirLink. She’s flown with the team for the past 11 years and says her favorite part of the job is making a real difference in someone’s life. She’s also a member of Lake County Search and Rescue. Living in Lakeview, OR, Kathleen enjoys her horses and going for long rides when she’s not working. She also loves spending time with family, especially her grandchildren.

Phil Kolkow

Phil Kolkow – Flight Nurse
Joined the Team: 2001; 2004-current
Born in Southern Oregon, Phil is a proud member of the Karuk tribe. He gained his nursing degree at Southern Oregon University and worked at St. Charles – Bend for many years, including a five-year stint as a charge nurse. As one of the original flight nurses with the Air Life program, Phil loves to interact with patients and families, and enjoys the challenges and autonomy involved in aero-medicine. He’s also excited about AirLink’s strong leadership and professionalism and where the program is headed. When he’s not working, Phil enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities with his wife, family and friends.

Bradley Saxton

Bradley Saxton – Flight Nurse
Joined the Team: 2002
Oregon born and raised, Bradley has lived in Bend since the late 1980s and received his nursing degree from COCC in 1992. As an RN and CFRN, he’s excited about AirLink’s strong, progressive future and enjoys the different medical challenges he faces on the job. He’s also strongly involved in the community, both as a co-owner of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Bend and a fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Married with four children and three grandchildren, Bradley enjoys cycling, camping, skiing and spending time with family.

Renee Todd

Renee Todd – Flight Nurse
Joined the Team: 1993-1995; 2001-current
Renee started her career in Portland in 1982, becoming one of the first female paramedics in the state. She received her nursing license in 1990, worked as a CCU nurse at St. Vincent’s/Portland and moved to Bend in 1991. At that point, married to a paramedic and with her first daughter, her family built their own home while Renee started working in the CCU at St. Charles – Bend. She then transitioned to Air Life as one of five full-time flight nurses. She went on hiatus when she became pregnant with twins, but joined again after the girls entered school. She’s watched the program grow, change and expand and is proud to say she’s an AirLink flight nurse.

AirLink CCT is a “DBA” for Med-Trans Corporation. All AirLink CCT aircraft and flights are conducted by, and operational control is exercised solely by Metro Aviation, Inc. Metro Aviation, Inc is a FAA Part 135 certificate holder and operator.