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AirLink Team

Our program has been fortunate to have a dedicated team of long-tenured professionals that ensures tremendous quality and care. With nearly 50 team members, we enjoy an average clinical tenure of eight years, and an average pilot tenure of 11 years (helicopter) and ten years (fixed-wing).


Each of our staff completes the highest levels of training, and each mission includes a flight nurse, respiratory therapist, flight medic and pilot. With ongoing training in collaboration with St. Charles – Bend, AirLink’s team offers the highest quality, most experienced emergency medical care.

Team Biographies
Membership & Administration
Helicopter Pilots
Fixed-Wing Pilots
Critical Care Nurses
Respiratory Therapists


AirLink CCT is a “DBA” for Med-Trans Corporation.  All AirLink CCT aircraft and flights are conducted by, and operational control is exercised solely by Metro Aviation, Inc.  Metro Aviation, Inc is a FAA Part 135 certificate holder and operator.