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Benefits of an AirLink Membership

As a member of the AirMedCare Network, an AirLink membership provides you with reciprocity among more than 200 helicopter and airplane base locations across 28 states. Thus, you could be flown by any one of the air ambulance in the AirMedCare Network and experience the same benefits (i.e., no out-of-pocket costs for a medically necessary flight).

Membership Options and Costs

AirLink 1 year membership:

  • $65 (includes all members in your household)

3 year and 5 year memberships are also available.

FireMed 1-year membership:

  • $50 for the following districts
    • Redmond Fire & Rescue
    • City of Bend FireMed
    • Crook County Fire & Rescue
    • Blue Mountain Hospital Ambulance
    • Harney District EMS
  • $58 for the following district(s)
    • Crescent Rural Fire Protection District

2 year and lifetime memberships are also available.

Business/Gift Memberships

AirLink also offers special rates for business memberships (with discounts starting at 50 or more employees) as well as gift memberships. For more information on these options, contact us at 800-353-0497 or 541-706-6305.

Become an AirLink Member

Join AirLink as a new member

Renew membership with AirLink

Become a FireMed Member

To join FireMed or to renew your FireMed membership, please call the AirLink office at 800-353-0497 or 541-706-6305.

Questions? We’re here to help! Contact 800-353-0497 or 541-706-6305.