AirLink Membership

Why Become a Member?

Oregon offers limitless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors—from popular attractions to the most beautifully remote locations. But if a medical emergency arises, you can rely on AirLink to provide skilled, timely medical care and transport. Investing annually in an AirLink membership is a smart way to ensure you and your loved ones receive superior care and transport at an affordable cost.

Membership Benefits

Few families realize that emergency air transportation can easily cost $15,000 or more, and it may not be covered in full (or at all) by your health insurance plan. AirLink memberships offset these charges by protecting you and loved ones from large out-of-pocket expenses. With an AirLink household membership, all individuals who reside at your residence are covered. (College students can be covered by the household membership if their primary address is the same as your residence.)

Extra Protection with Ground Membership

AirLink also offers ground ambulance memberships in select areas. Our FireMed ground partners are certified emergency medical personnel who specialize in advanced trauma care. FireMed member households are covered by more than 80 FireMed affiliates located throughout the state of Oregon. Membership benefits extend to all persons who are permanent residents of the same single-family dwelling/noncommercial residence living together as part of a family unit, but not to include roomers/boarders. Membership benefits also extend to household members living in substitute care (i.e., nursing home or long-term care facility) within your city and district’s ambulance service area.

Your membership benefits are honored by more than 80 FireMed affiliates throughout Oregon, including the following membership programs managed by AirLink:

  • Blue Mountain Hospital Ambulance - John Day, OR
  • City of Bend FireMed - Bend, OR
  • Crescent Rural Fire Protection District (CRFPD) - Crescent, OR
  • Crook County Fire & Rescue - Prineville, OR
  • Harney District EMS - Burns, OR