Fixed & Rotor Wing Pilots

Optimized-ScottLincolnScott Lincoln – Helicopter Pilot

Joined the Team: 2012

Born and raised near the Hillsboro, OR, airport, Scott’s had a fascination with helicopters as long as he can remember. After graduating from Oregon State University in 1992, he and his wife moved to Bend until 2002. They then returned to Hillsboro so Scott could undergo flight training. In 2005, Scott accepted a job in Houston, supporting the offshore oil/natural gas industry. He eventually moved to Louisiana and began his air medical career but, after a few more moves, he and his wife fulfilled their dream of returning to Bend. Scott feels fortunate to be part of the AirLink legacy and loves working in medical transport. When he’s not flying, Scott’s involved in home remodeling and various outdoor activities.

Optimized-John ReiterJohn Reiter – Helicopter Pilot

Joined the Team: 2006

Born and raised in Astoria, John graduated from the University of Oregon with dual bachelor’s degrees in finance and economics. He spent 20 years as a Navy pilot and has logged approximately 4,000 helicopter hours and 1,000 fixed-wing hours. John has lived in Bend since 2004 and simply loves flying. He has tremendous admiration for AirLink’s medical crews, believing they’re the ones doing all the hard work. When he’s not flying, John takes advantage of all of Central Oregon’s outdoor activities—whatever’s in season.

Optimized-Bill ConklinBill Conklin – Lead Helicopter Pilot

Joined the Team: 2000

Bill earned his wings in 1976 and flew for the Marines until 1980. After some civilian jobs, he began EMS flying for Air Methods in 1988 and joined the Bend team in 2000. While he jokes that he’s “just the driver,” Bill takes a lot of pride in his teammates who excel at their professions and bring that enthusiasm to work every day. He’s also appreciative of the energetic leadership of both Metro Aviation and Med-Trans Corporation. His current family of five lives in Bend (two older sons are married and out of the area), and he loves anything outdoorsy and family-focused. He and his wife, a nurse, also volunteer in various community settings and political campaigns.

Ryan Cartmill – Helicopter Pilot

Joined the Team: 2013

Raised in Portland, Ryan followed his roots by moving to Bend in 1997, transferring to COCC and chasing his passion for snowboarding. The following year a knee injury on Mt. Bachelor helped to jumpstart his ambition to fly helicopters. Seeking a four year degree and a career in aviation, Ryan moved to North Dakota in 1999 and graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Bachelor's degree in Social Science and Aviation. Since then, he has acquired more than 4,500 hours flying a variety of helicopters throughout the United States while working in a variety of fields, including power line maintenance and firefighting. Ryan feels privileged to have been introduced to HEMS through a quality program such as AirLink and thoroughly enjoys working alongside the caliber of talent. When Ryan isn't working, he can be found spending time with his wife and three kids, on the river or in the mountains.

AirLink CCT is a “DBA” for Med-Trans Corporation.  Med-Trans Corporation owns and operates the AS350B2e Rotor Wing Aircraft.  Other AirLink CCT aircraft are owned and operated by Metro Aviation, Inc.   Both Med-Trans Corporation and Metro Aviation are FAA Part 135 certificate holders and operators.


Travis Spaid - Fixed Wing Pilot

Being born and raised in Bend, Oregon and around airplanes, Travis started flying at a young age and began his professional aviation career while still attending college seeking a business degree. While simultaneously juggling school, work and pilot training he made time to enjoy Central Oregon. His studies have, so far, earned him an Associate’s degree, Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics with a minor in Aviation Safety and later, an MBA. His pilot certificates include a Canadian ATPL, FAA Airline Transport Pilot (single and multi-engine), Boeing 737 type rating and a seaplane rating.

His flying adventures have included piloting nearly fifty different types of aircraft and in a wide range of operations that started with flying skydivers, bush flying in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, flight instructing in the flats of Florida, avoiding tornadoes in Texas and humanitarian missions in Democratic Republic of Congo. While in Africa, he met his future British wife who has been an aid worker in the region for over ten years. The two travelled and eventually landed back in Oregon with their two small children when an opportunity presented itself to combine his experience to help people in need while using aircraft.

Jason Adams – Fixed-Wing Pilot
Joined the Team: 2005
Growing up in California’s Central Valley, Jason joined the Army in 1989 and gained four years of military experience. He returned to California to attend college and received an associate’s degree in natural resource management. After working for eight years as a wildland fire fighter for the US Forest and National Parks Services, he earned his private pilot’s certificate in 1997 and began flying professionally in 2001. He enjoys the constant challenges of flying air medical missions in the Pacific NW and looks forward to even more program growth. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, spending time with his daughter and studying Spanish.

Lynn Graves – Fixed-Wing Pilot
Joined the Team: 2007
Born in Silverton to a logger dad, Lynn moved to Madras at age 3 and lived in Central Oregon for 27 years. He started flight training in 1977 as a high school junior, eventually received his ratings and has flown steadily ever since, including stints with UPS and flying freight. He loves that he has a job in medical aviation with the same great crew for many years, and is proud of the program’s longevity and history. When he’s not up in the clouds, Lynn enjoys spending time with his family and going camping, boating and fishing, as well as training horses and trail riding.

Scot Groshong – Fixed-Wing Pilot
Joined the Team: 1992
Scot brings 24 years of aero-medical pilot experience to the AirLink team. He began his career as a flight instructor in Tacoma, WA, in 1984 and moved on to conducting Grand Canyon scenic flights out of Boulder City, NV. In 1986, he flew for SkyWest Airlines for several years, and eventually made his way to Central Oregon 20 years ago. In addition to loving the challenges of flying, Scot also enjoys spending time with his family, working on home renovation projects and running his lawn maintenance business.

Optimized-CarlNatterCarl Natter – Lead Fixed-Wing Pilot
Joined the Team: 1999
In 1994, Carl started his flight training at the Oakland (California) airport and also earned a bachelor’s degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He initially worked as a flight instructor prior to being hired by a cargo company to fly UPS shipments between Central Oregon and Portland. Joining the program back in the Air Life days, Carl feels strongly that his job makes a difference and is proud of his team’s skill and dedication to their patients. Living in Bend, he and his wife, Wendy, have two children and love to spend summers on the rapids and winters on the slopes.

AirLink CCT is a “DBA” for Med-Trans Corporation.  Med-Trans Corporation owns and operates the AS350B2e Rotor Wing Aircraft.  Other AirLink CCT aircraft are owned and operated by Metro Aviation, Inc.   Both Med-Trans Corporation and Metro Aviation are FAA Part 135 certificate holders and operators.