Community Outreach

AirLink’s Mission and Our Responsibility to Communities We Serve

“Our priority is to put the patient first in all we do by maintaining the highest standards of patient care and safety. Striving to demonstrate integrity and consistency in all of our actions towards our providers, the community we serve, and our staff.”

Helping to make our communities thrive is vital part of what we do at AirLink CCT. We believe our success is in direct relationship to how well we serve our communities and over the last 30+ years we have been humbled by the communities commitment to our program. It's a priority for us to give back to the community and here are just a few ways we are doing so:

Search and Rescue, Sheriff’s Departments and ODOT

• Volunteer our crew and aircraft to support Search and Rescue efforts to find those lost or injured - help SAR access patients by flying them.
• We are there, if the need arises for all local Sheriff’s Departments and ODOT – if they need air support or Emergency Medical Assistance. Funded purely by AirLink CCT (not from tax dollars or membership fees).

Providing EMS Education to Rural Communities and Bend

• Pediatric Training and Education to EMS programs of Oregon and California: Pediatric Physiology and Shock, equipment medications airway management and medications.
• Adult Training and Education to EMS in OR and N.CA: Patient physiology, shock, equipment, 12 lead EKG, traumatic airway, airway management and medications.
• Staging our Aircraft and staff: At resource depleted communities during multi-casualty incidents / or during staffing issues AirLink CCT will work from those areas for the day so the communities who have limited staff now will have additional access to critical care providers.

Provide Transplant Patients with Memberships

• AirLink CCT is one of the few providers in the Pacific Northwest and the only one in Central Oregon to provide membership for our communities transplant patients.
• It is both an honor and privilege to work closely with the transplant patients and programs such as that of University of Washington in Seattle to carry out these vital missions.

Youth Education Programs:

Diagnosis Days in conjunction with St. Charles Health System is a partnership to educate children and teenagers about careers in medicine, aviation, safety and health.
• Concussion Awareness program sponsored by the Center to help parents and children become more aware of the dangers and longer term side effects of concussions and head injuries that often occur in sports or activities.
Firebusters with Bend Fire Department/Ronald McDonald House to promote fire safety and awareness with school age children in Central OR. And annually to present the school with the distinguished honor of being the recipient of the 2018 Firebuster’s Award.
• Job fairs at local high schools: We travel to several high schools throughout the year to support Oregon educators and to mentor students. To foster interest in medicine, flight or any career they feel passionately about by planning for their future and understanding the importance of higher education.
Active the Shooter Drills with Local Highschools: Working with local EMS, the Sheriff’s Department and Hospitals.  AirLink CCT sponsors and participates at several High School active shooter drills to prepare students and the community.
Civil Junior Air Patrol: Many of our staff are officers in the Junior Air Patrol and we support and have a Pancake Fly in at the Airport for this worthy program for youth.
Operation Prom Night: Participating in a program aimed at educating youth about the effects of alcohol, driving while intoxicated and good choices for better outcomes.

Local Community Initiatives
Habitat for Humanity – Annually our crews participate in a Habitat for Humanity Build for families in Central Oregon. This year we also hope to do a build in Southern Oregon.
Family Kitchen – Every fifth Friday, AirLink CCT cooks and serves food for those in need in the Bend area.

Corporate Responsibility at AirLink CCT we have a motto “just do the right thing” what that means for us is:
• Doing what is in the highest and best interest of our patients, our EMS Providers and Hospitals, the communities we serve and our teams.
• Helping the community to prosper by continuing to purchase from local vendors and service providers. All products and services come from well-vetted companies with a good reputation and history.
• Ensuring employment standards meet and exceed national standards for providing benefits, on-the-job-training, and exceeding health & safety standards.
• We believe it is crucial that our staff have in depth understanding of the municipalities that we serve and to foster strong relationships with all our communities.