AirLink Critical Care Specialty

                                    Neonatal Transport Team

heli-neo-150x150The AirLink CCT Neonatal Transport Team features highly trained and experienced medical personnel who provide specialized care for ill infants of all ages and diagnoses. St. Charles - Bend's NICU is home to the only Neonatal Transport team east of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains, serving thousands of square miles. The transport team is comprised of neonatal nurse practitioners, critical care nurses and registered respiratory therapists who provide exceptional medical care and family support. The transport team is available at all times to transport critically ill infants to St. Charles - Bend or other area hospitals by ground ambulance, helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft.

Blood Transport

fixed_wing_blood-150x150AirLink carries blood on all its missions, which allows for life-saving transfusions to be administered at the scene of an accident or serious illness. A refrigeration system carries the “universal” blood type O-negative, which can be used for any patient, thereby speeding treatment on-scene versus later in a hospital setting.

Local Expertise

Emergency medical personnel refer to the “Golden Hour”—the first 60 minutes following an accident or serious illness—as the most crucial, and AirLink doesn’t waste a moment of it with regard to getting its team airborne. With AirLink’s transfer and dispatch center housed in the same location on the St. Charles - Bend Campus, coupled with the pilot’s familiarity with local weather patterns and terrain, the AirLink flight team can be on its way in mere minutes.

AirLink CCT is a “DBA” for Med-Trans Corporation.  Med-Trans Corporation owns and operates the AS350B2e Rotor Wing Aircraft.  Other AirLink CCT aircraft are owned and operated by Metro Aviation, Inc.   Both Med-Trans Corporation and Metro Aviation are FAA Part 135 certificate holders and operators.